• RCM•SAR Station 1

    Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver BC

  • RCM•SAR Station 1

    Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver BC

MARINE EMERGENCIES: Phone - 1 800 567 5111 or Cellphone - #727 or VHF - Channel 16

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A Busy Year

RCM•SAR Station 1 2015
Activity Recap:
• 47 Active Volunteer Crew
• 87 Missions
• 621 Hours Rescue Boat on the Water
• 191 Training Exercises
• 5,000 Plus Person Hours at Sea

Isolated Crew Enclosure – ICE for the New Rescue Boat

With the support of the community and BC Gaming, RCMSAR Station 1 has raised $370,000 towards replacing the 30 year old Howe Sound Rescue Boat. The new vessel is under construction at Titan Boats, the hull is ready to receive the ICE console. We expect to be on the water in April.

A new Type 1 Fast Response Vessel which meets today's safety standards costs $380,000.

RCM•SAR Station 1 – West Vancouver

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue has over 40 stations on the west coast.

Based in Horseshoe Bay, RCM•SAR Station 1 responds to marine emergencies in the Lower Howe Sound and English Bay area.

RCM•SAR is supported by the West Vancouver Marine Rescue Society - WVMRS. A registered charity (CRA Registration #82103 2687 RR0001) , the Society raises funds to cover the stations's operating and capital expenses.