Station 1 in the News

1995-04-02 NSN - Lifeboat Society Seeks Better Boats416.8 KiB525
2001-02-18 NSN - Ready To Go350.2 KiB390
2001-05-06 NSN - Volunteers Keep Local Lifeboats Afloat1.6 MiB553
2010-05-26, North Shore News - Think Of It As A Boating License1.3 MiB559
2010-09-03, North Shore News - Deadly Dive Spot Should Be Safe807.2 KiB762
2011-03-04, North Shore News - Man Drowns After Fall Into Howe Sound787.0 KiB601
2011-03-09, North Shore News - WV Man Honoured For Coast Guard Auxiliary Work796.8 KiB685
2011-03-24, West Vancouver Outlook - On The Water1.6 MiB589
2011-06-11 North Shore News - Safe Hands609.5 KiB500
2011-12-15, North Shore Outlook - West Van Aux Coast Guard Tets New Digs In Horseshoe Bay1.5 MiB782
2011-12-18, North Shore News - WV's Lifeboat To Move To New Home1.3 MiB742
2012-05-12, West Vancouver Outlook - Practice Makes Perfect2.4 MiB757
2012-06-10 North Shore News Volnteer Saviours, Print Version2.7 MiB740
2012-06-10 North Shore News Volunteer Saviours, Internet Version2.5 MiB923
2012-08 Western Mariner - The Canadian Coast Guard Auxilary Gets A New Name2.1 MiB1578
2013-05-29, Bowen Island Undercurrent - Coast Guard Of Vital Importance To Mariners1.1 MiB579
2013-10-25 Paddleboarder Gets Lost At Sea In Fog457.0 KiB508
2014-03-14 Huffpost BC, Dophins Video Captures Breath-Taking Experience402.2 KiB650
2014-05-01 The Beacon6.8 MiB2681
2014-05-25 - North Shore News - Water Watch1.9 MiB871
2015-05 - The Beacon, Caulfield May Day - May 9341.4 KiB358
2016 01 14 CBC 2 Men Recovered From Waters Off Kitsilano697.3 KiB498
Howe Sound Lifeboat History1.0 MiB444